FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to get on the roof to install The Turbine Boss?


2. Is it true that small air gaps around light fixtures, A/C registers, and ducts
cause warmth to escape from my home in winter?

Yes. In older homes as strong winter wind blows across the roof, turbine attic ventilators suck warm ‘conditioned’ air from the rooms through a multitude of tiny air gaps that lead into the attic. Remember, each turbine vent straddles a 12-inch hole cut into your roof creating a ‘low pressure’ zone that sucks warmth from the home.

3. Is the plastic construction of The Turbine Boss really durable?

This polymer resin has a sun-guard component (UV Inhibitor) that provides extra measure of long term strength, stability and heat resistance. Today, half of all roof vents are molded plastic construction.

4. Can you explain how The Turbine Boss works? I need to understand it better.

The Thermostatic Controller (concealed) is a special metal spring-like device that reacts to temperature changes. It expands in heat and contract in cold. This drive mechanism is linked to the louvers, causing them to OPEN and CLOSE. It needs no batteries or electrical hookup. It’s maintenance-free. Just install it and forget it.

Consider the outdoor dial thermometer. On a hot day the dial is pointing near 90° and on a cold day the dial is pointing to 30°. What makes the dial move?

It has a thermostatic controller that expands on hot days and contracts on cold days. Thus, the dial is moved by temperature. And like the dial thermometer, The Turbine Boss™ gives you many, many years of trouble-free service.

5. How does this damper fit both sizes of residential turbine vent: 12 and 14-inch diameter?

Ninety-Five per cent of all turbine attic ventilators on homes are 12-inch diameter. Only 5% are 14-inch diameter. We designed The Turbine Boss to fit the popular 12-inch diameter, and still adapt to the 14-inch diameter by using the enclosed “L-Bracket” adapters. The enclosed instructions show how to easily insert them into the damper.
See: L-Bracket Link

6. I see a “Winter Air-Flow Selector” feature. Please explain it.

This feature allows the damper louvers to close 80% during cold temperature while remaining slightly open (20%) to exhaust the attic moisture. Once you are on the roof, you easily determine if turbine vents are 12-inch or 14-inch diameter. For 12-inch turbine choose setting #3…for 14-inch turbine setting #1. See instructions.

7. It looks simple. How long does it take to install?

The first one may take 30-minutes to install. Additional ones take only 15-minutes. You will need a screwdriver. Wear rubber sole shoes on the roof.

8. My home has power attic ventilators. Can I still use this damper?

No. Automatic damper only works with turbine attic ventilators.

9. After installing, how will I know if The Turbine Boss™ is working?

You can do this. Go into the attic and look up through the turbine vent opening in the roof. During winter you will see that The Turbine Boss louvers are closed. And in summer the louvers are open. You will know it is working.